CAST provides avenues to use technology to make our lives better, our local environments healthier and more resilient and ensure ecological, environmental and economic strength is an option for all to explore.

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Value Planning

Value Planning is one of our most exciting opportunities lies in being able to use software to unlock the data around making better communities and enabling communities to make better decisions for themselves. This practice, known as ‘Value Planning’ leverages the decades of experience our team possesses. It is a detailed and robust methodological framework designed to engage and guide planning processes to maximize social, ecological and financial uplift for areas undergoing infrastructure planning.

CASTs interest in Value Planning, as a software company, has largely to do with the automation of key tasks and workflows within this existing methodology to ensure scale of service delivery and optimization of outcomes is achievable.

While Value Planning is, perhaps, the largest and most mature effort CAST is engaged in, there are other initiatives in active development as well. We look forward to being able to share more information about these initiatives and opportunities in the near future.


CAST is currently working with a group of Business Improvement Areas (BIAs)/Sociétés de développement commercial (SDC)to develop a nimble, efficient, and responsive platform to more efficiently collect and manage data, serve and inform members, and tell the unique story of each organizations' neighborhood.

More will be available in the coming months as user testing and development continues. 

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